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This Kid Freed The Butterfly From Being His Pet. But Suddenly, Unexpected Thing Happened

Some people believes that animals more particularly called as pets don’t deserved to be kept in the house. They too deserve to be free in the place where they supposed to be living. After all, they too have their own lives.

As such, this kid seemed to be told by that of his parents. Since then, he decided to free the butterfly he is making as his pet. Of course, because the butterfly was kept in a small container not allowing him to fly free, on that moment that it was being free, seemed that it already don’t know how to fly.

The concerned kid felt that so he decided to help the butterfly in learning how to fly again. But when that time that the butterfly already started to fly high, something unexpected happen. Oh! Watch what happened after on the video below.

Poor butterfly. From that time that it is already free from being a pet, comes that time when the bird will go in the story. Know what happened? The bird ate the butterfly. Well I guess, that’s the purpose of the life of the butterfly, to help others.

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